We’re helping businesses during the crisis.

The COVID-19 shutdowns severely impacted our client, the owner of a Los Angeles-based restaurant.

We successfully renegotiated their commercial lease. Rent was abated from April to June, and they received a discount on rent for the months the restaurant was inoperable. Lastly, we negotiated a structured payment plan for those months of delayed rent…

We successfully finalized this on March 20th, 2020. Call us to help with your business today.

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Uplift Law was founded by Melissa Fulgencio, Esq., a business litigation, and employment law attorney. Melissa will fearlessly fight for you in these legal arenas–whether you need help with business contracts, contract negotiations, civil litigation, have suffered potential fraud at the hands of a business partner, or have been bullied or discriminated by your employer. No matter the challenger, Uplift Law offers legal strength at any size and will stand strong by your side.

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Business Litigation

As a business owner, you know that your business will ebb and flow and require competent and collaborative representation from an attorney you trust. It is important for you to have a lawyer that has experience in business litigation to assess the health of your business and ensure you have all bases covered and create a legal infrastructure that works for you.

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Harassment comes in many forms, obvious and discrete. You need an experienced attorney who can guide you through those differences. And, if you've been sexually harassed by a coworker or boss, whether you've been bullied or ostracized, we can help fight for you.

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If you've been discriminated against because of your: race, gender, age, sexual orientation, immigration status or another legally protected class or activity, or if you were treated unfairly due to a pregnancy or disability, we will help you. We'll fight on your behalf to get the justice you deserve.

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Wage & Hour Disputes

We can help with any cases related to disputes over unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, or if your hours were cut short without notice. This also includes disputes related to rest and meal breaks.

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