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Uplift Law is a law firm unlike any other because it is you, the Client that truly is the focal point of all the legal services we provide. Whatever your needs, we are there. When we fight, we fight together, and when we protect, we are protecting you and yours. We are true to our name. We are here to uplift you when you may be faced with great legal adversaries and we are here to uplift your business with our legal prowess so that you can have the confidence and security to expand and grow. With Uplift Law, we’ll get strong together.

Uplift Law moves with you and maintains a completely remote and digital law firm. Our mailing address is 650 N. Rose Dr., Ste. 620 Placentia, CA 92870

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Practice Areas

When is comes to your business, we’ll do the heavy lifting. Almost every business – no matter how large or small – will face a dispute or other legal matter at some point. Attorney Melissa Fulgencio understands this, and is here to offer business owners comprehensive business litigation assistance.

Business Litigation

All businesses will eventually come face to face with legal disputes. When that time comes, you will need a competent attorney to protect your business and livelihood. Having Uplift Law by your side will provide you with the fierce and efficient legal knowledge needed to enforce your rights as a business owner.


Discrimination, harassment, or any other form of bullying in the workplace should never be tolerated. Unfortunately, these types of violations affect millions of employees every day. Uplift Law can assist employees in standing up for their rights with our sharp legal expertise. We will use every available resource to protect you from this gross abuse of power and ensure that you are being fairly compensated. Employees do not have to tolerate abuse, we can get strong together.

Business Compliance

From labor law to employment law, businesses are expected to follow endless regulations. Navigating through all the regulations can be impossible for business owners with no legal experience. Any misstep or mistake can lead to penalties that would be disastrous for a small business. Uplift Law can lead small businesses through these regulations and ensure that your business is protected from any legal disputes.

Business Protection - Trademarking, Intel Property, Contractual agreements

Truly innovative ideas come once in a lifetime and can be invaluable. When your idea comes, you will want to protect it. Uplift Law can assist you with trademarking, intel property, and contractual agreements to ensure that you are the only one to benefit from your innovations.

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Workng hard, lifting hard, and striving to create the best legal experience for our clients since 1990. Welcome to something different, something definitely better.

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“Melissa and her team will do absolutely everything in her power to get you and your case to a place that you will be happy with! She is communicative, hard working and tenacious about her clients- exactly who you want in your corner for any legal situation. She leads by example and her strength is totally contagious! Melissa and the entire Uplift Law team are exactly who you want in the ring with you.”
Ashley B.

Google Review

“In a few different scenarios I have sought her legal advice and been fortunate to get quick, concise, and extremely helpful responses. She truly takes it upon herself to make sure that not only is your problem solved, but also you understand what is going on and truly feel cared for.

If you are in need of legal services, I highly recommend Melissa and Uplift law. She is extremely capable and will take great care of you.”

Hani J.

Yelp Review

“Melissa and her team are amazing. I needed someone to handle my case and help guide me. Melissa took my case when other lawyers wouldn’t and she fought hard for my rights. She and her team were very thorough, professional and prompt. She kept me in the loop with status updates and was always there to answer questions and be a legal guide. I highly recommend Melissa and her team.”
Krista B.

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Uplift Law moves with you and maintains a completely remote and digital law firm. Our mailing address is:

650 N. Rose Dr., Ste. 620 Placentia, CA 92870


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