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Can an  attorney help me with a contract and how?

Yes. Although it isn’t mandatory to have an attorney draft a contract for you, we don’t recommend using a template from the internet or writing one yourself. One size does not fit all. When an attorney drafts a contract related to your wants, the obligations of the parties, and the particular laws that come into play related to the subject of the contract, it’s a tailored fit. Importantly, when a contract begins with an attorney, it wards against possible loopholes that can cause future litigation. 

How can I protect myself from a lawsuit related to a business transaction?

Think of your paper trail. It’s important to have correspondence, receipts, and invoices in safe and accessible place. Don’t forget the importance of text messages and social media because even those venues constitute documents for purposes of legal enforcement. 

Why should I hire Uplift Law instead of other law firms?

We are a boutique law firm with big firm pedigree, but with the white glove service for each Client. We are in the business of your business. We understand the demands and ebb and flow of business. We’re compassionate and attentive This means we guarantee a response within 24 hours. We also don’t frivolously charge clients for small things like speaking to the Client about whatever business problem is at hand.

Has COVID-19 changed anything for your law firm?

Not at all. This law firm was born on the premise of leveraging technology to provide the best service to our clients we’re there.  

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FAQ – What should I bring to an initial consult?

Hello everyone, today I’d like to go over a few things that I think are helpful for when you meet me, or any attorney, for a consultation. I wanted to make this video because when I meet with clients for the first time, I want to make the most of our time together. Making sure you are prepared helps us get to work faster. 

Here are a few questions I get frequently from first-time clients:  

Is our consultation confidential?

I’m going to start off by saying that consultations are completely confidential. Everything we discuss stays between us. Even if you don’t hire me, attorney-client privilege still applies.

 What do I need to bring?

 If you are a plaintiff or defendant, it doesn’t matter. Whether you are a plaintiff against a former employer, business partner, or competitor, all evidence you have helps us build your case. Paperwork, contracts, any written communications such as emails, texts, letters, photographs, and any contact information for parties or witnesses as applicable. It’s also helpful to have a timeline of events. What happened, when, and who was involved. Creating this timeline is also helpful. 

 How long does a consultation last?

The initial consultation it will generally take around 30 minutes. I know your time is valuable, so I won’t waste your time.

Is there ever a reason why you won’t take on a client?

Every client that I’ve helped, I always ask the same thing: that you tell me the whole truth. Being honest from the get-go is extremely important. If you keep something from your attorney, it will eventually come to light. Being honest with your attorney is one of the most important things you can do to help yourself. 

How much do I need to pay?

As I mentioned earlier, all initial consults are free. If you are involved in an employment matter, we operate on what is called a contingency basis. This means that if we don’t win your case, we don’t charge you anything. If you are a business client, we ask for a retainer, but you don’t need to worry about that yet.

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You are the backbone of the this firm. We pride ourselves on a commitment to the following:

Keep you Informed

One of our top priorities is to keep you appraised of a what’s happening with your case from beginning to end and lead you through the maze of legal pitfalls that can threaten your case. You can trust that Uplift Law will guide you and your business to success. 

Your Best Interests COme First

Perhaps you’ve had other attorneys represent you before or your unsure if you want to retain an attorney for your business. With Uplift Law, you can rest assured that we put you and your business first. 

Knowledge = Power

You may not always know what’s best for you and or your business. Uplift Law is here to provide you the tools and expertise to succeed. That goes the same for if you have employment issues with a current or former employer. Truth = strength. 



Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
During the pandemic, I was fired by an unscrupulous well-known collagen company. They attempted to trample over several of my rights as an employee. Melissa got me alot more than the amount they had “offered” as severance payment.

I’m the type of person who has a lot of questions and Melissa patiently answered all of them. She fought the company fiercely on my behalf. Although I don’t feel like any amount was going to compensate what I went through with this company, I am satisfied with the services provided by Melissa and her team. I would highly recommend them to those looking for quality representation.

Marisol Vasquez

650. N Rose Drive, Ste.620

Placentia CA, 92870



Fax: 714-582-3990

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