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Small businesses are being hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. Since small businesses often operate on limited margins, even a brief interruption of sales or a large order cancellation could result in the business being forced to shutter their doors. We’re here to help you during this global pandemic.

Three Govermenent Programs For Your Business

Learn more about these three programs every business owner should be considering to keep their doors open.


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COVID Relief

Businesses of all sizes in California are struggling to withstand the COVID-19 pandemic. Multiple months-long business closures and “shelter-in-place” orders are making it nearly impossible for businesses to survive. Small businesses in particular are being decimated because they often operate on small, limited margins. Even a brief interruption of sales or a large order cancellation could result in the business being forced to permanently close.
Small businesses are unlikely to get support from insurance companies because epidemics are generally an exception to coverage. Regardless, business owners should check their insurance policies and talk to their agents about their coverage, but the common absence of insurance coverage and the lack of funds in federal aid programs, businesses have almost nowhere to turn to protect their businesses. Uplift Law will help small business owners navigate through and survive these unprecedented times. 

Help When You Need It

Through contract negotiations and enforcement, potential compliance related to emergency regulations, and eviction protection, we can assist small business owners to secure the victories needed to keep their businesses alive.

Contract Negotiations and Enforcements

Whether it is a commercial lease agreement or an agreement for the sale of goods or services, every business is tied to contracts. With the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses are especially vulnerable to the damages of a bad contract situation. For example, a small restaurant cannot continue to pay the thousands of dollars required in their lease agreement if it has been ordered to close and is not generating revenue. Making your contracts work for you is the key to surviving this pandemic. Businesses must work together to achieve contract leniency and Uplift Law can assist you in this delicate process.
Contracts can always be adjusted if both sides agreed. When these negotiations take place, you will want the right attorney by your side to facilitate an agreement that will keep both of your businesses alive. Uplift Law has been working tirelessly during this pandemic to prevent our client’s contracts from permanently damaging their businesses, or in finding business opportunities that require creative contract drafting.
Uplift Law will also assist your business with contract enforcement. When contracts can be fulfilled without damaging the businesses involved, the contracts should still be honored. Some businesses have been using the COVID-19 pandemic to needlessly shirk contract responsibilities. If your business has suffered from needless contract avoidance, Uplift Law can help you receive the services or payment that you are entitled to.

Emergency Regulations


During the official “state of emergency” that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, governments have the power to issue emergency orders to combat the pandemic. The multi-tiered government system in California has led to countless emergency regulations that businesses must follow. For example, a business that is based in Irvine, California must keep track of, and comply, to the different emergency regulations of the individual governments of the city of Irvine, county of Orange, and state of California.

Keeping up with the different regulations that apply to your business is a complex process that requires constant attention to the minute details and changes of ever changing regulations. Having an experienced attorney to keep you up to date on the regulations that apply to your business is essential because mistakes in compliance can lead to devastating consequences. Uplift Law understands this and will provide you with simple and concise explanations of the regulations that your business must comply to.

Now that shelter in place orders and business closures are loosening, compliance with emergency regulations is more important than ever. California, along with individual cities and counties, have put out guidance and orders that reopening businesses must comply with. Any mistake with compliance to these orders could lead to your business being reclosed. During a time where any length of closure could be the difference in your business’s survival, compliance is essential. Uplift Law will work tirelessly to ensure that when your business reopens, it will remain open.

Eviction Proceedings

In March, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order that enacted a statewide residential eviction moratorium that prohibited residential landlords from evicting their tenants. This order was to ease the economic burden that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused on Californians. However, Governor Newsom did not address commercial properties. Instead, he gave local governments the ability to control their own commercial eviction moratoriums. This action has led to eviction moratoriums that vary in duration and requirements between individual cities.
Almost every city’s commercial eviction moratorium does not simply excuse all rent payment. Instead each city has a different set of requirements that businesses must prove to become eligible for eviction relief. Navigating through commercial eviction moratoriums is a complicated process because of the many different moratoriums and subtle differences between them. Uplift Law can guide you through this process and inform you on your rights. Evictions are an area that small business owners do not want to mess around with. One small mistake could result in the loss of your business. Uplift Law intimately understands this and will fiercely defend your right to remain on your commercial property.


Below are just a few of the most important questions that entrepreneurs and small businesses face today during the pandemic.

If you have bills due now,what can you do?

You need to be proactive and contact all your creditors.
They are not going to do things on their own to negotiate or renegotiate what is due currently or what’s going to be due in the future.

So make a plan and figure out which of your bills is most pressing and contact those creditors and get in writing an amendment or settlement agreement in writing as to how you’ll be paying those bills in the future.

Do I have to pay rent for my commercial space?

Your rent is due. Currently there is no forgiveness of rent.
So what you can do is contact your landlord immediately to put something in writing and that something is an amendment to your lease agreement or a settlement agreement regarding rent deferment.

What is Rent Deferment?

Rent deferment is rent that you must pay at a later date and at a structured payment plan so you can make those payments while you’re making first of the month payment when the Lockdown goes away.

What if I am in breach of contract related to a promise to pay?

If you’re currently in breach of contract you can go to
your creditor, your landlord or whomever you owe money
to and discuss the circumstance by which you had to break the contract.

Again you need to get this in writing, an amendment, or a
written settlement agreement that you have that to reference.

And when the courts open up again that is a document enforceable in court.

What is "force majeure" and how can it apply to the current pandemic?

“Force majuere” is an act of god. Something you would
never foresee happening which would forgive the parties from their obligations in a contract. 

So how it applies here in a pandemic is a pandemic is like an act of god in which there is an ability for the parties to renegotiate the contract terms based upon this certain circumstance which was something out of the parties control, AKA an act of god, Force majuere.

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