The Platform

Social Media has become an indispensable tool that business owners utilize to expand their brand. It has never been easier to connect with people anywhere in the world simultaneously. The best part: it is completely free.  Let’s look at how you can use social media to build your influence.

According to Pew Research Center, 7 out of 10 Americans use Social Media to connect with anyone, anywhere. Though users tend to be younger, the age range is expanding every year. As a small business owner, exposure plays an important role in business growth. Nothing expedites this process more than “word of mouth” through internet marketing. 

The power of social media and its ability to share information is at your fingertips. If used correctly, your customers will promote your business for you. 

Thoughtfully Building Your Influence

Quick Tips To Start

  1. Story: The How and Why

More and more people are becoming conscious of an entity’s core values and principles. The story of how you started, your vision for the future, and the impact you want to make are important aspects to convey in social media. Today, it is not only the product or service that matters but also how, and why, you started.

  1. Audience

Know your target audience. Each social media platform usually ties to a specific generation. For example, Millennials use and create content on YouTube and Instagram while Gen Z tends to heavily gravitate toward Tiktok. Know how different platforms engage with their users. 

  1. Presence and Diversification

Social media is your voice. Presence in multiple platforms is important to promote your business. However, it is best to focus on a few that are manageable and appropriate for you. Once you have chosen a few, you decide how to use them for your specific purpose. 

  1. Calendar and Content

Plan your content. It takes time to build an online following. Consistency is key in spreading online-based influence and it will help establish your business in the long term. 

  1. The Hashtags

Keywords, descriptions, product titles, etc. make you visible. The search engine is your best friend, so tag your content with words associated with your post! Tip: most platforms limit the number of hashtags per post. 

  1. Interact and Connect

Social media is all about connecting and sharing information. This is the place to form relationships with your customers and improve your business. Extending your customer service through your platform will be much appreciated. 

  1. It’s All About the Aesthetics

Presentation matters. The appearance of your page and postings gives character to your business. Make sure you take the time in creating a theme that will be unique to you. Create your own vibe. 

Social Media is Leveling the Playing Field

The rise of social media provides great benefits specifically to small businesses. The cost to build an influence and reach a larger demographic is low to zero. The days of large and over-funded campaigns in billboards and television commercials have taken a backseat. If you are starting your own business or have been wanting some growth, social media is a great tool to utilize and focus on.

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