After you have reflected upon Uplift Law’s Business Startup Accelerator and the 10 Considerations for your business it’s important to begin the next steps in your successful business plan.

STEP 1: Create Your Wants and Needs

Create your wants and needs. What do you want for your business? The obvious answer is to be successful but how do you become successful? You have to do your research, you have to know the hoops and hurdles you will have to navigate in order to succeed. On the other end of this first step is what do you need for your business? Equipment, personnel, space, and others fall into this step. As your chosen legal firm we can help you make the most out of this step.

STEP 2: Create Your Timeline

Create your timeline. What needs to be accomplished in the first year per quarter? This step could also be titled goals. What are your goals or benchmarks that will help you track your progress? From sales to marketing, shipping to inventory, there a people and tools available that can help with this important step.

Step 3: Create Your Responsibilities

Create your responsibilities. What are you going to do per week to kick off the business? Running the business isn’t merely showing up and having people click to purchase or physically buy from your store or service. You have to have a personal plan for what you need to accomplish for your business on a weekly basis. What are the most important things to focus your time and energy on that day, the week, etc…

Step 4: Create Your Team

Create your team. Who do you need in the first 3 and then 6 months of your business’ life? Business relationships ebb and flow. Important considerations like contracts, full or part-time employment, and working with contractors are just a few of the things you will need to implement to make your business succeed.

Step 5: Call Me

Last but certainly not least is the most important step: Call me. As your attorney, my firm and I will leave no stone unturned in helping you form a plan for success for you and your business. Contact us today to find out why Uplift Law is the perfect fit for you!