Gone are the days when the Client and attorney relationship was an arm’s length away. Here, I know two truths: 1. A business owner is a round-the-clock job with little time to spare and the need to push, grow, and manifest livelihood is top priority and 2. a business lawyer seems attenuated and broaching unknown territory. Here at Uplift Law, my goal is to bring the small business owner, the kind of trust, loyalty, and customer service found truly only in your wildest dreams. It is real and it can be yours. This Firm was built on a foundation in which the attorney client relationship is intimate because we understand your business is your baby. That being said, we are in the business of your business. Beginning, middle, and end, we are there to ensure maximum protection and ultimate growth. Rest easy knowing that any query, idea, concern, or just a share, we are there for it all. This business law firm is the only one that sincerely puts the client first, is real-time connected to the speed of business, and will take those necessary moves to be bold, relentless and fearless on your behalf. 

You Asked For More. We Listened

The initial Business Startup Accelerator focused on 6 considerations. 2.0 expands upon these six ideas and includes 4 more that we hope will provide you with actionable objectives that you can put to use immediately. Along with our founder, Melissa Fulgencio Esq., our team of legal experts are here to help guide you along your startup journey.

Save the Date

Uplift Law’s Business Startup Accelerator 2.0 Launches Tuesday 3-30-2021. Simply provide your email to download the free resource for you and your new business. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!