Before the pandemic began, I wasn’t known as the lawyer representing gym facilities. I had a handful of gym facilities. Then, the great shut down occurred and my first gym client, Zack of SoCal Powerlifting, looked to me and said “what are we going to do?” And I came up with the plan. Zack started an online petition to gather support for keeping the gyms open. The word spread and SoCal reached tens of thousands and he used my picture for it. From there we kept growing, kept adapting to all these orders. And I kept building this case. I wasn’t ready to sue the governor of California even though I saw several non essentials doing it. 

Then we moved from fitness to the other non essentials, I became more vocal and stronger in my disdain for lack of law to protect the small businesses. We added tech, personal care, restaurants, real estate. We had these but now we were gaining momentum in how to not only be the business firm for small businesses but part of a small business’ growth and protection incorporated “how do we stay open?” 

I actually grew during 2020, because I thought remote and digital was always the way for the law firm. I wanted specifically to reach certain clients. So unlike those large law firms who would have so much clout because they were in white towers above the masses…I saw those towers fall. 

Also, business litigation and employment litigation…I adapted so that I was not reliant in moving the case based on courts. At the time courts literally stopped doing business. So, I had to pivot. How do I litigate a case if the courts aren’t operating as normal? Meaning, cases or necessary court documents weren’t being filed and therefore cases weren’t being set for trial. The end of a case set by a Judge aka trial is necessary to add pressure on the parties. It’s what makes a case go. Well, I had to figure out different ways to push my adversary. And because my adversaries were big defense firms, they were all scrambling and didn’t have their many staff and didn’t know where their files were. That’s when I took that opportunity to strike. 

We had some growing pains as well, my associate I had started with in the beginning wanted to go back to insurance defense and I needed to scramble to find new blood. I also needed to figure out a sort of death or exit plan. COVID didn’t scare me. Like I knew the numbers as portrayed by the news, but in terms of my mortality…I knew if I got it then I would just be sick. However, manning this titanic, I was worried how debilitated I would be because still everything falls at me and through me. So COVID made me realize, I need to build smart so that I can take a vacation or sick days…still haven’t done so, but knowing is the first step. 

So funny that what became part of growing a business was totally tied with keeping a business open in the midst of COVID. We also and I’m so proud of this…showed the world that a David like this Firm was at the heart beat of change. Being remote and digital and savvy, my team was on top of every blip of new COVID coverage that would affect my small businesses. And so, we would advise and fortify accordingly. To date, we’re still known for knowing before you know. 
Then came the Newsom lawsuits with about 30 Plaintiffs. I didn’t take outside counsel on this for a reason. I decided to do the crazy thing which is keep it in house and just fight on my own. And, I still actually don’t give a shit about who’s on the other side because…I’m fighting by my Clients who are in this deep just like me. I took this on contingency so I have skin in this game. 

Where are we now? Well, still standing and still fighting.