Lawyerlifter began in 2014 when I was just a young, wide-eyed litigator in a garden variety of civil litigation trying desperately to make her mark. At the same time, I was also desperately trying to find health and wellness after years of weight gain with no exercise through law school and bar preparation. This was a time when a perfect storm occurred, and I found a hunger to hone my litigation craft and when I also fell in love with the clang and bang of powerlifting.

Since then, Lawyerlifter, and myself, have evolved from ups, downs, seriousness, sorrow, laughter, and some whimsical, such that in 2018, Uplift was manifested. But the website and this podcast is a love letter to my journey here and my movement onward and upward. But it is also my most candid, vulnerable call to you, to whomever has been at this part, here, there, or felt this similar way as I tell my story, my adventure, my premonitions for the next.

With me, co-hosts, guests, tips, trades, unadulterated, and unapologetic, let us talk about the lawyer, the woman lawyer, the businesswoman, the Filipina, and everything in between. My hope is that you will find commonality with me through these chats and know that you can and will have it all, but of course, not without all the rocky points, which you should embrace and conquer. Lawyerlifter is a lifestyle and it is truly a call to be bold, relentless, fearless, and be the David the Goliaths fear. Even the smallest can be the strongest. <3, Mel