The new year is here and there is no better time to start a new business. According to the Wall Street Journal more Americans are starting businesses at the fastest rates in over a decade. However, given the current climate, many are apprehensive about starting a business. Here are three principles that may help you succeed in 2021 even while facing a pandemic.

1. Go into the Battle for Your Business Armed to the Teeth

There are risks personal and legal risks associated with being an entrepreneur. Uplift Law provides an important tool for helping you get started: UPLIFT LAW’S Business Startup Accelerator. Founding Attorney Melissa Fulgencio offers expert legal advice that will help you succeed from the start. The moment that you decide to embark on your entrepreneurial journey, you will need to work with an equally skilled attorney to assist you on a killer plan for your new business venture. With over nine years of experience in Business Law and a soft spot for small businesses, Melissa Fulgencio and her team at Uplift Law are ready to help you succeed.

2. Take Advantage of the Opportunities the Pandemic Has Created

The pandemic has created a massive shift in how businesses operate. Brick and mortar stores are struggling to compete with this new wave of e-commerce driven by the quarantine. E-commerce, ease of access, and cementing an online presence has never been more important and more essential to the success of a business venture. Marketability, advertising, and dedicated online services have become the new trifecta for entrepreneurial success. There are also opportunities to hire from an expanding talent pool and working from home has become a valuable tool for companies and a key driver in their continued success.

3.  Marketing Has Never Been More Important

With online shopping at the forefront of commerce sales, traditional marketing techniques must also evolve to capture attention. While this pandemic has certainly changed marketing techniques, the basic principles still apply. Attention-grabbing displays have turned into banners, advertisements have evolved from print to digital social media ads, and consumer engagement has evolved from physical booths to social media engagement. If you haven’t started planning your marketing efforts, time is of the essence. 

Uplift Law Is Here to Help You and Your Business

While this list is in no way comprehensive as a checklist for your business, these principles provide a framework for starting up your business. If you need help in forming your business, contact us and we’ll be eager to work with you towards launching a successful new business.