As the year 2021 begins, there are several new laws passed in California that are going into effect that may affect your business. From new employee mandates to laws that address the current pandemic, California’s Governor and Legislature passed these new laws last year. Below is a brief summary of some of the news laws that may impact you and or your business.

Minimum Wage Increase Starting in 2021, California employees in companies with over 25 employees must be paid a minimum wage of $14 an hour. 

Senate Bill 1383 Senate Bill 1383 provides family leave for up to 12 weeks and now includes companies who have 5 employees or more. The bill also allows time off for employees to care for loved ones.

Assembly Bill 685 As COVID-19 continues to thrive in California companies in 2021 will be required to inform within 24 hours their employees when a fellow worker tests positive. The law also allows for the California Department of Public Health to shut down a business when an outbreak is detected.

Assembly Bill 2017 This bill gives the employee the option to chose to take time off to care for family members which can now be considered sick leave. Prior, sick leave could only be granted for certain reasons (e.g., illness, doctor’s visits, or dentist visits). This bill allows the sick leave taken to be at the sole discretion of the employee.

Assembly Bill 1947 Employees not have up to one year to file complaints. The previous time period was six months. 

Again, these are just a few of the new laws California passed in 2020. As to how they will affect you and your business depends on many factors, contact us today!