For Immediate Release 10-27-2020:

BREA, CA – On behalf of a coalition of 21 non-essential businesses, specifically micro gyms up and down the state of California, Uplift Law is proud to fight along their side against California state, county and city officials who have promulgated and enforced unconstitutional shutdown orders to the detriment of these business owners’ and their civil liberties. Each of them has suffered substantial emotional, mental, and financial harm.
Uplift Law is intimately aware of each of these business owners’ stories because since March, we have witnessed their livelihoods virtually disappear because of shut down orders allegedly based on science though questionably enforced throughout the state. We do not dispute the reality of COVID-19 and the grim numbers of deaths, but these Plaintiffs and their stories shine a bright light on the inconsistences of these orders across non-essentials.  We maintain that these Plaintiffs were never given a chance to argue against their non-essential status nor were these restrictions ever necessary for these small business owners.
In a normal world, these are hard-working citizens with families to feed and communities they serve. These Plaintiffs are simply operating their dream—the dream of the self-made and, they were told to shut down with no assistance. All of them were denied governmental help and all of them struggled to stay afloat despite the ambiguity and confusion of these orders. We call on Governor Newsom and his affiliates to put these Plaintiffs back to where they belong, to make them whole again, because that is what the law demands.  

On behalf of our clients we filed the following three lawsuits this week:

Southern District:
Metroflex Oceanside
Boulevard Fitness
Deadweight Strength
Convoy Strength
IB Fitness
Being Fit Mira Mesa
Being Fit Clairemont
Ramona Fitness

Eastern District:
Excel Fitness Fair Oaks
Jaguar Muay Thai
Excel Fitness Dixon

Central District:
Mission Fitness Center
Crossfit Horsepower
Triad Fitness
Rep Max Performance
SoCal Powerlifting
Movement FX
All Sport Fitness Center
KO Gym
House of Gains

Due to the nature of the lawsuit, we will not be commenting any further until we find a resolution in a court of law.

A PDF Version is available for download below: