Uplift Law specializes in trademark, copyright and patent protections for you and your business. But what are these protections and which one is right for you? First, it’s important to understand that each protections serves a very specific purpose and that all of these protections are protections for your intellectual property or IP.

What is a copyright?

At its most simplest meaning, copyright refers to protecting original works such as music, poems, novels, and films. This protection is given to the original author(s) of the work or works. Through the Copyright Act of 1976 a series of exclusive rights are given to the copyright holder. The rights to reproduce, diatribe and perform or display the work are a cornerstone of this legislation and Uplift Law can help guide you through the process of applying for these important protections.

What is a trademark?

We know trademarks upon sight. Some of the most famous trademarks are Coca-cola, Apple (formerly Apple computer), and Mickey’s ears.  A trademark can be a name or phrase, or logo that represents a product or service. This is often done to help differentiate the product or service from that of your competitors. A trademark can be a name, phrase, or logo that identifies a product or service and helps distinguish it from services or products offered by the competition. Trademarks can be established through actual use in the marketplace, though they can also be registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

What is a patent?

When an inventor invents an invention they need protections to protect their IP. A patent grants an inventor those protections to use, sale, and manufacture their invention for a period of time that is limited to 20 years. During this time an inventor could bring a lawsuit against any one individual or company that seeks to infringe upon the patent holder’s IP. Because there a variety of patents that one could apply for for a variety of of inventions the US Patent and Trademark Office provide multiple types of patents for the inventor.

The above is just a short list of considerations when protecting yourself and your business. Uplift Law provides the expert legal advice you and your start up business requires. If you have further questions about your business contact us today.