Uplift Law strives to help our clients realize their business goals by providing expert legal services. In an effort to help you along the path to starting up your business we are proving some questions and answers to our most popular business law questions regarding start ups. As always, if you have any further questions please contact us.

1. Why do I need a business attorney for my start up?

We help you hit the ground running with the first and most important step: forming your business entity to protect you from legal liabilities and to separate your personal being and assets from the business. Typically, the next big project for start-ups Negotiating contracts and working with employees and deepening on your business, an attorney can help with patent and trademarks as well.

2. How Do I know you’re the right attorney for me and my business?

We lead our representation with the Client as the focus and understand that your business is tied to your passion and livelihood. As a business owner myself, I know your values are the same as mine when adding a new addition to your team: competence, drive, and unwavering loyalty. I am in the business of your business, which means that our Firm takes responsiveness to the Client to a new level of comfortability and reassurance. We return all correspondence within 24 hours. You’ll never be left hanging. 

3.  What should I look for in working with a business attorney for my start up?

Chemistry is key. You’re trusting that attorney to shadow you and to help your business grow and expand. Also, look to see if that attorney has a history of working with small business owners and entrepreneurs as they should be well-versed in all the challenges that arise in growing a business from the ground up. 

4. Can’t I just use legal zoom?

Understandably, the barriers to stellar representation are high. Here at Uplift Law, we’ve knocked those barriers down with competitive retainers and rates. We don’t recommend Legal Zoom because those contracts and pieces of advice are boilerplate. Everything here is custom made, tailor made to you and your business. 

5. Great, I want an attorney but can I afford one?

My vision for this Firm was to give designer representation at reasonable rates and retainers. Your business lawyer should be just as fluid and necessary as a business expense. That’s why, I’ve created a competitive model that all businesses from start ups to seasoned businesses can comfortably afford. 

Uplift law prides itself on providing superior legal services. If you need an attorney for you business contact us today.