Employment law is defined as the branch of law that covers rights, obligations, and responsibilities between an employer/employee relationship. So what does this mean for the you?

Protecting your employment rights under California law can be overwhelming. Often, it’s not clear what protections you are entitled. Having an experienced and compassionate employment lawyer on your side is essential. Your rights as an employee must be respected. No one expects to be mistreated or discriminated against when they’re trying to earn a living. Uplift Law works tirelessly to defend you rights from employers who abuse them.

There are many examples of an employee’s rights being either willfully or mistakenly abused. Perhaps its discrimination in the workplace, or harrassment and bullying related to your sex, age, race, sexual orientation, or religion. These situations are very serious. Uplift Law will leave no stone unturned in getting you the justice and compensation you deserve.

Hour and Wage disputes is another area of employment law that we specialize in. Your rights have been compromised when an employer fails to give you adequate breaks, meal breaks, compensate you correctly for overtime, or forces you to work off the clock. California has very strict laws in place to protect your safety and your rights at work.

If any of the above seems familiar, or if you have any employment law questions and need to speak to an attorney regarding your job please call us today.