Uplift Law offers the experience and expertise to help you and your business grow. We’re proud to launch a new feature on our website, Uplift Law Faq’s. On this page you will learn answers to some of our most frequently asked legal questions regarding business law , employment law, and other pertinent questions.

A popular question found at UPLIFT LAW FAQ’S: Can an  attorney help me with a contract and how?

Yes. Although it isn’t mandatory to have an attorney draft a contract for you, we don’t recommend using a template from the internet or writing one yourself. One size does not fit all. When an attorney drafts a contract related to your wants, the obligations of the parties, and the particular laws that come into play related to the subject of the contract, it’s a tailored fit. Importantly, when a contract begins with an attorney, it wards against possible loopholes that can cause future litigation. 

Or another question: How can I protect myself from a lawsuit related to a business transaction?

Think of your paper trail. It’s important to have correspondence, receipts, and invoices in safe and accessible place. Don’t forget the importance of text messages and social media because even those venues constitute documents for purposes of legal enforcement. 

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