Last week, the federal government passed the CARES Act, a $2 trillion relief package aimed at helping small businesses and US citizens. Part of this package is more funding for SBA-backed loans for small businesses that any business owner can apply for. Sounds easy, right?

Unfortunately, the first hurdle will be being able to get through. Due to high traffic, the website is often down. If you do get through, and you apply, do you know how much you’ll have to wait until you can get your loan? Estimates right now are that loans will begin to be dispersed within 3 weeks. But the requirements are lengthy, and compiling all your documents will take time. Not only that, what happens if you have bills due now?

While we recommend that if you need a loan to stymy a loss of revenue, there are other options you have that can help mitigate the losses NOW. Bills are piling up, but if you are a non-essential business you are not really allowed to operate right now, especially with the threat of getting utilities shut down. Hiring a lawyer can help you get a fighting chance against a lender, a landlord, or a bank that is expecting you to pay as soon as possible.