For all new business owners, and especially with startups, it’s always good to assess where you’re at in your growth phase. There comes a certain point where you’ll probably need a lawyer’s help whether you know it or not, so here’s a quick list we’ve compiled to keep in mind for when you’re in doubt:

  1. Have you considered forming a corporation or an LLC? If the answer is yes, then get in touch with a lawyer to figure out what the proper steps are for this important decision.
  2. Do you have employees or independent contractors? A lawyer can help you stay in compliance of state and federal labor laws. You don’t want to make a small mistake that can later turn into a big one. It is better to be proactive if you have doubts about how to proceed with hiring and retaining employees.
  3. Are you ready to sit down with an investor? Whether you’re at the point where discussions are formal or informal, it’s good to assess what you have to offer and what the plan is for entering a contract.
  4. Is it contract-signing time? You don’t want to get caught in a contract that is unfair to you. It is extremely important that a business lawyer look over any contracts before you sign! It could cost you much more if you get caught unprepared, or if you are left holding the bag while the other parties get away with all your hard work.

Luckily we are experts at helping startups stay in compliance and uphold labor laws, contract negotiations, litigation, and any other need you may have for your most precious child: your business. Call us today!